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About Us
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All of these have given me ample knowledge about international business relationships and related areas. Even more so, these had led me to develop the core principles underlying in all of my coach training programs.

Being a half Indian, half German has given me opportunities that I could not be more thankful of. It has provided me a truly global perspective of the world and all its wonders. I started a career as a News Cameraman and later Production Manager in the TV & Film line. Eventually, I was hired as a consultant for different German companies based in the Middle East.

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Coaching That Makes a Difference

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We all know that making positive changes in life should be the correct way to reach our goals. However, what happens when we know exactly what to do but somehow are not capable to move forward? What is preventing us to make that first step? What has been holding me back over the past years, that still keeps me at the same starting point Behavioural change, awareness, attitude and habits are the key to creating a lasting change.

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We are all often unwilling or resistant to change, be it during difficult times or for any other reason. Eventually, we all have the
ability to develop a committed and proactive approach to changing behaviours. My coaching style is based on science through Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching, Coaching Psychology. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” — Aristotle

Beach Meditation


We have around 6200 thoughts per day as per the latest study of the Queen's University in Kingston Canada. Many of those thoughts are repetitive. Meditation helps you to slow down your thoughts and to calm your mind. When practiced regularly it automatically has a very positive
effect on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

*DISCLAIMER - Results are not guaranteed but experience and professionalism is


Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.


Personal & Management Coaching
Postgraduate Diploma, University College Cork

 Coaching Psychology
Higher Diploma, University College Cork

Emotional Intelligence Coach
Certificate, Anderson & Anderson

Conflict Management
Certificate, Aldo Civico

Positive Psychology Coach
Certificate, Positive Acorn

Ethics For Coaches

Certification with Positive Acorn

Om Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Certification with Master Dev Om



Cork, Republic of Ireland

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